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PKN Hiroshima vol.03 was Sunday Feb.17th!

Here's the introduction and information of the presenters and their presentations.
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Hiroshima vol.03

日時:2013年2月17日(日曜日) Sunday, February 17 2013

Thanks for attending our event and we hope to see you again.   

Feb.17th's,2013 Program:
Doors Open 6:00〜

1st half 7:00〜

Presenter 01  Michihiro Sumimoto 住本道泰

He turned 42 years old this year and works with with Coca-Cola West .He has two children and only one wife.(Lol) Someday, he wants to make a place to teach foreign people Japanese culture and traditions.



Presenter 02 Nick Richter ニック・リッチャー

Name: Nodar Nick Richter Tsintsadze 
Date of birth: December 25th,2000
Born in Saijo,Higashi-Hiroshima, Goes to a Japanese elementary school. He speaks English, Japanese, Portuguese, a little Georgian and understands Spanish, too. He loves science. Wants to be a physicist like his grandfather/father, a doctor to take care of his mom(psychiatrist? Haha),an actor/dancer/singer, a lawyer (to sue parents who abuse children by asking them to do their homework/clean up their rooms) A single child of a single parent.Loves animals, especially our Labrador "Buddy". He studies by himself every day until 11:00 P.M. A good kid with many friends and a purple belt in karate (kyokushin). A great swimmer, too. Has been going to swimming lessons for many years. Can play a little guitar as well. Can play x-box games all day if his mother lets him.... He always leaves loving notes to his mom when he comes home first. Always signs with "I love you mom".He's never shy too hug and kiss - especially if you are a cute girl...

名前Nodar Nick Richter Tsintsadze誕生日2000年12月25日. 生まれは東広島で、日本の学校に通っています。英語、日本語、ポルトガル語が話せて少しグルジア語も話せるのとスペイン語も少し分かります。科学が大好きでおじいさん、お父さんような物理学者になりたいと思っています。またお母さんを助けるために医者に、俳優、ダンサー、歌手。家事ばかりやらせて子供を虐待している親を訴えるために弁護士になりたいとも思っています。動物も大好きで特にペットのラブらドール‘Buddy’が大好きです。毎日夜の11時まで一人で勉強しています。友達もたくさんおり極真空手で紫帯も持っていて、スイミングスクールに何年か通っているので泳ぐのも得意です。ギターを少し演奏できますし、ほっといたらXboxを一日中やっています。いつもお母さんよりも先に帰ってくると‘I love you mom’のメッセージをのこしています。ハグやキスするのに何の抵抗もないですよ、もしあなたがかわいい女の子だったらね


Presenter 03 Wayne Bartelink ワイネ・バーテリンク

Wayne Bartelink is originally from Toronto, Canada. He currently resides in Hiroshima with his wife and two kids. Wayne teaches Physical Education at Hiroshima international school and spends his free time playing hockey, soccer and making and playing music. 
Amazement - Wonder - Mystery - Belief: A look at our existence in all its amazement, wonder and mystery. What do you believe? From ancient spiritual wisdom to modern scientific advancements. Mysteries of the unseen (or seen by some) consciousness, auras, energy, thought vibrations, imagination, will power and more. I hope to stimulate minds and awaken spirits to the amazing wonder and unfathomable mystery of the universe and our existence.

私たち自身の存在が不思議と謎に満ちています。あなたは何を信じますか?古代の霊的な知恵から現代の科学の進歩まで。見えない(ある人には見えている)意識、オーラ、エネルギー、雰囲気、想像の謎はパワーを与えてくれます。びっくりするような謎と底知れない宇宙と私たちの存在の不思議について心を刺激し魂を呼び起こしたいと思います。Wayne Batelinkはカナダトロント出身で今は広島に奥さんと子供二人で住んでいます。広島インターナショナル学校で体育を教えていて休暇はサッカー、ホッケーをしたり曲を作ったり、演奏しています。


Presenter 04  David Koerner デビッド・コーナー

David Is a very lucky massage therapist who is fascinated with the balance and health of our bodies. He hopes to share his fascination through his work and this presentation.



Presenter 05  Kenji Matsumura 松村憲治

Iron cafe is a brand I design and produce items with metal and other material, which are furniture, signs, and household articles to enjoy a calm time. My brother runs a recycle company, especially for computer. Because my family business is a foundry, my way of thinking has always been to create with cast iron. We take computer apart and collect metal such as Aluminum, copper , and iron. We recycle and melt them to cast to make new items. Eventually, I'd like to run a cafe and have people visit the space made with recycle and redesigned items. 

Iron Caféは私がデザインしたブランドで、金属やその他のマテリアルを使った、家具、標識、家ものなど平穏な時間をすごしてもらうためのアイテムを作っています。私の兄弟はリサイクル会社、特にコンピューターのリサイクルをやっている会社を経営しています。私の家の仕事は鋳造業で私は金物を作ることばかりを考えてきました。そのためのコンピューターも採用してアルミニウム、銅、鉄などの金属を回収しています。私たちはそれをリサイクルして鋳造し、新しいアイテムを作っています。最終的にはリサイクルされリデザインされたもので溢れたカフェを経営しみなさんに来て欲しいと思っています。

Presenter 06 Gordon Luster ゴードン・ラスター/ Fumiko Miyai 宮井ふみ子
For more info: 
miyai (at mark)

Long ago, Gordon Luster was a geologist in the eastern USA. Then he was a statistician in California, then a teacher of business English in several parts of Japan. Now he's a writer, editor and professional old guy. He lives in Hachihonmatsu.
昔、Gordon Lusterはアメリカ東部で地質学者をしていて、そしてカリフォルニアで統計学者として活躍した後、日本で英語教師の仕事をやってきました。今彼八本松に住んでいて、プロの作家、編集者として活躍しています。

Fumiko Miyai is a pharmacist and bringing up three children. She decided to try doing new things even though She’s already over 40 years old. She changed jobs to University Hospital to be chemical trial coordinator, then something difficult came up she didn’t imagine: A dream which was triggered from a small incident. She would like to introduce the idea and story so far and for the future.
タイトル:ミニミニ外国の紹介 要約:‘ミニミニ外国’は広島に住んでいる人々が英語のスキルを伸ばすために英語を話す小さな地域を作っていくための組織です。これまでの活動についてのとこれからの活動についてお伝えしたいと思います。新たに参加してくれる人も募集しています。

Beer Break

2nd half 8:20〜

Presenter 07  Shigetoshi Tanimoto 谷元重/Marina Sumikawa 住川麻理奈/Ayako Tsueguchi 杖口文子
For more info:

He is a member of the "Chikyu-family Wind Ensemble" ensemble in Hiroshima. He came to Hiroshima three years ago from Osaka. He was deeply impressed by seeing PKN last year. .Introducing the Hiroshima"Chikyu-Family WindEnsemble" We have continued to work with the concept of “No national boundaries for music. We would like to extend the international circle to the world.” We would like to collaborate with people from other countries. We contribute to regional community through musical activity.

私の名前たにもと しげとしです。‘地球ファミリーウインドアンサンブル’のメンバーです。三年前に大阪から引っ越してきて、昨年のPKNに大変感銘を受けました。広島の吹奏楽器オーケストラについての紹介。‘地球ファミリーウインドアンサンブル’。国境の無き音楽をコンセプトの活動を続けてきました。このインターナショナルサークルを世界に広げていきたいと思っています。外国から来た人とコラボをしたいとも考えています。音楽活動を通じて地域コミュニティーに貢献していきたいと思います。


Presenter 08  Shinobu Okamura 奥村志暢
For more info:

1964年12月14日 北海道室蘭市生まれ1998年14年間のデザイン会社勤務をへて、光留デザイン開業 2001年 有限会社 光留デザイン 設立. タイトル:Output. 思いを形に。サブタイトル:imagination creates creativity. 想像力は創造力を生む. イメージする事の楽しさやものづくりの事や個展をしている事についてお話します。


Presenter 09 Stephan Ballin ステファン・バリン

Stephan is an artist, teacher, and organizer of the Yokogawa Art Charity Festival.
バリン ステファンと申します。今六年半ぐらい広島で暮らしています。**ドイツから来ました。43歳です。


Presenter 10  Yuka Bettinapadma Fukumi 福見有花

My name is Yuka. But my friends call me Betty. Because I looked like Betty Boop when I was a child with short hair. I'd like to talk about Dance Dance Dance. I'm a bellydancer and have many dancer friends here. I'd like to share the passion with all of you.

こんにちは、私の名前はゆかです。しかし私が子供のころショートヘアでBetty Boopに似ていたので友達はBettyと呼んでいます。DanceDanceDanceについてお話したいともいます。私はBellyDancerで友達もたくさんきてくれています。BellyDanceについての情熱を皆さんと共有できたらと思います。


Presenter 11 Michael Munoz マイケル・ムニョス

Mike is an expat living in Tokyo first came to Japan via the JET Programme. A successful High School Track & Field Coach and history teacher in his native home of California yearned for a life of travel in far off Asia. Leaving a career and the security of Southern California, Mike ventured to Japan and was soon transplanted in Hiroshima-ken teaching English to Middle School and High School students around the Fukuyama area in Hiroshima. After residing in his new adoptive home he was bitten by the DJ bug. A bug whose bite was so powerful it led him to pursue his passion towards playing records for people in night clubs. Never having any prior experience DJing he pushed through the ups and downs of learning the trade. Fast forward 13 years and Mike has garnered a name for himself as a well respected DJ in Japan and throughout Asia. Having played alongside world renown DJs and playing on some of the biggest stages in Japan as well as such places as China, Korea, Singapore and Thailand. He has also maintained a successful underground club night named London Calling that will reach its 6 Year Anniversary this June. You can say that Mike has made the best of his stay in Japan.

Mike Munoz はJETプログラムを通じて日本に来ました。ホームタウンのカリフォルニアでは陸上のコーチ、歴史の教師として活躍しており、世界中を旅すること夢みています。南カリフォルニアでのキャリアと安定を捨てて来日し、広島に移ってからは広島と福山の中学校、高校で英語を教えています。新しい環境にも慣れてきたころ、DJにはまってしまいました。その熱中ぶりはすさまじく、ナイトクラブで演奏するほどです。DJの経験はそれまで無かったのですが、ナイトクラブでの仕事を通じて勉強しやり抜いてきました。はや13年経ち今では日本をはじめアジア全域で有名なDJとして知られるようになりました。世界的名声をひっさげて日本をはじめ中国、韓国、シンガポール、タイの大きな舞台でも演奏をしました。今でもLondon Callingという名のアングラなナイトクラブをやっており、この6月で6周年を迎えます。日本の生活は最高のものになっているといえるでしょう。

The latest news and happenings in the world of PechaKucha.


Dear PKN fans,


Here it is, our 10th anniversary week! Congratulations to everyone who has made it possible for PechaKucha Nights to spread all over the world, to an amazing 600+ cities



So what's happening this week? Wednesday, February 20, is the day of our Vol. 100 here in Tokyo, and it marks the 10th anniversary of the series. Want to follow the event? You'll be able to watch a live stream of it on the following page, starting at 20:20 JST (GMT +9) -- pop in and join the chat!



At our event, we will be covering a few "talking points," which we are listing here, as this is something you might want to bring up at your events as well.

  • The first PechaKucha Night was held in Tokyo in February of 2003 (the exact date was February 26, but we celebrate our anniversary on February 20 for obvious reasons ;-)
  • The first PechaKucha event held outside of Tokyo was in Los Angeles, on June 23, 2004 -- the rest is history.
  • Last month, we hit 600 cities, and as we write this, the city count is at 612.
  • This month we are over 100 events again!
  • Over the last 10 years, there have been over 4,200 events, that's well over 40,000 presentations, which means over 800,000 images shown! That's a lot of creativity!

Again, we can't thank you enough for all your support over the years, and all your amazing wishes (and greeting images). Without you there would be no PechaKucha. Thank you for helping to make a difference in your city!


Here's to the next 10 years.


Astrid and Mark

PechaKucha Founders


Jean and Yuki & the team

PechaKucha HQ, Tokyo


Thank you for your interest in Pecha Kucha Nicht Hiroshima.
We are now full for presenters in Vol.3!
But there is always the next time in June for Vol.4, if you want to present your passion.
Soon we will post our VIP (Very Interesting People! ) presenters!
Stay tuned. 


The Pecha Kucha Team

This is what Florence Smith, one of the organizers in our PKN team wanted to share with you. Her previous presentation:


I've been putting out a call for presenters and I think it's only fair to show you what I did at my first Pecha Kucha in 2011. 

I was nervous, and there are things I wish I had done better (in particular,*not* put together my presentation the night before and practice more!), but I'm still happy about it, flaws and all. It was a great experience!

Although I chose to speak about each slide individually while addressing my theme, please remember that you can also think of the slides as simply illustrations accompanying your message. The images can punctuate, provide humor, and act almost as the score for your presentation. It's up to you.

Even if you or someone you know can't present on 2/17, there will be other opportunities in the future --and we need audience members as much as we need presenters!

And so, without further ado, this was mine:


Currently, PKN Hiroshima team are looking for presenters for our next PechaKucha Night in Hiroshima.  If you would like to present your passion to the local community and the world, we would love to hear from you!


現在、チーム「PKN 広島」では、次回“ペチャクチャナイト 広島”のプレゼンターを募集しています。


Please "like" our PechaKucha Hiroshima facebook fan page and join our PechaKucha Hiroshima facebook group for news and updates.